Hiking in Ogden

Part of me has always really wanted a blog. Unfortunately the rest of me has hated the effort it takes to make and maintain one, so they get started and fall by the wayside. However, I have recently gotten into photography and have found it is truly something I enjoy doing. So much so I am willing to give the blog thing another chance and this time, I will be cataloging my journey from n00b picture taker, to veteran (although still not very good) picture taker.  So for the first post I thought I’d introduce my two new favorite activities: Photography and Hiking.

HIKING? This is supposed to be a photography blog!

You’re right. I tricked you. I am so very clever. However, I’ve found that since I moved to Utah back in September hiking has become a very enjoyable way to spend my days off from work. What’s more, it’s given me some really wonderful things to take pictures of. So here are some shots and musings on the hikes I’ve taken since moving here.

Strong Canyon:

Most of the native denizens of Ogden, Utah wouldn’t necessarily call this a hike. In fact it’s labeled as an exercise trail. Ya, people jog this thing every day. However, since I am a disgusting out-of-shape slob, this may as well be Kilimanjaro. The nice thing however is that this is a really pretty hike. The estimated distance of the trail (before it branches off being a jogging path and turns into “real” hikes) is about ¾ of a mile each way. The whole trip is covered in trees and shade and there is a pleasant fresh water stream that runs along the path.




Aside from the pretty stream there are a range of flowers and bugs, all of which would be mostly ignorable were I not holding a camera. Lucky for you, I was holding a camera and so you get to see things such as these:






Waterfall Canyon:

Once you reach the end point of the Strong Canyon path, you have the option of returning from whence you came or continuing on into Waterfall Canyon. If you so dare to embark on this beginner level hike (or in my case, climbing Everest), you will continue on a very similar looking trail for about another mile. As you get towards the end, it gets a bit rocky and can bust up your ankles if you’re careless, but if you persevere as I have you get a really awesome payoff in that of a 200 ft waterfall.




Indian Trail:

Further north of the Waterfall trailhead off 12th street is a pleasant hike into Mordor, or as the locals call it: Indian Head Trail. The trail is located next to an old limestone furnace from the olden days. You head mostly straight uphill for the first quarter mile or so, then it smoothes out into just a gorgeous wooded hike. Sadly I didn’t get to go too far into this trail as I had to work later that day and only stumbled upon it while driving around. I will however be going back as the payoff point is a large crag overlooking the entire Ogden area. However, I was able to catch a few nice shots of the trail once it evened out.





Hopefully, you enjoyed this little adventure with me and will pop back in every so often to hear my tales of glory and conquest (i.e., see pictures of flowers and such). Be sure to follow me on my various social media sites to see all the pictures I take.



P.S If you happen to be able to identify the flowers posted above, I’d love for you to tell me what they are in the comments. I tried a reverse Google search but it wasn’t terribly helpful.


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