Dat Vacay

Well I am getting ready to go on a much needed (we can debate its deservedness later) vacation to visit both sets of my daughters grandparents. It’ll be quite the drive as we’re head from Ogden, UT to Chandler, AZ then to New Mexico and finally off to Kansas before returning home. For those who watch this and hope to gain some value from it, I own nothing of value in my home so don’t waste your time. Plus I have renters insurance so I don’t care.

The part I am most excited about and at the same time dreading the most is the drive. It’s exciting as we’ll be making stops at places like the Grand Canyon and any other beautiful touristy thing we can find (C’MON GIANT BALL OF YARN!). I’m dreading it as the overall trip is around 3,000 miles which means we’ll need both a pre-trip and post-trip oil change and we’ll spend about two and a half of our ten days in the car. With a three year old. White Jesus help us all.

However, I am hoping to get some great pictures and add to our already awesome wall of shot glasses:

you’ll have to forgive the quality, WP doesn’t play well with instagram

I don’t entirely remember the conversation that led to this tradition, but basically we wanted to have some knick-knack type memento of all the places my wife and I travel too.  One set of our friends does refrigerator magnets, my parents do spoons and my wife’s parents do t-shirts. Shirts are way too expensive, magnets are bound to be forever lost under the fridge in our home and I can’t see owning a kitchen like item I can’t potentially use so the spoons were out too. Shot glasses it is.

So hopefully we can add to the list already. If you’re curious the glasses up there are for as follows:

  • Albuquerque Tram ride
  • New York City
  • Carnival Cruise Ship “Miracle”
  • Grand Turk
  • Halfmoon Cay
  • Nassou
  • Las Vegas
  • Universal Studios (Florida)

We also take in shot glasses from when our friends go to places and want to bring us a souvenir. Those are on the bottom-ish shelf and include: Costa Rica, Sydney, Germany,  and New Zealand.

While I’m doubtful I’ll be making any posts while I’m gone, there is a chance I may while I’m sitting in a hotel room or at one of our parents houses, feel the need to upload some pictures. So keep checking in to see if anything new goes up. Thanks again for stopping by!



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