Epic Family Vacation Part One (of some number, likely two)

We began our epic adventure with the intention of stopping at the Grand Canyon on our way down to Chandler, AZ for a friends wedding. We were lucky enough to be out the door with enough time to make a short detour to check out one of the other “less grand” canyons named Bryce. I must admit, I enjoyed this leg of the trip greatly as the sights were wonderful and I was able to get some great photos of not only the scenery but of our family as well. Here’s one from Bryce Canyon:


After durdling around in southern Utah for an hour or so we got back on the road heading towards Arizona. It was less than ten minutes into the drive I get pulled over for basically no good reason and cited for something that could easily be avoided if Utah was willing to invest a few hundred dollars into some road signs.  However we eventually made it to the roadway that takes you to the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon without any other instance. Also, thanks to our side tracks we happened to be just in time to have the road blocked by a moving herd of Bison. I managed to get a few really good up close shots, but since I was driving my wife (who was fidgeting with the camera at the time) ended up getting some legit Animal Planet quality shit of these two larger males going to blows. I have to say I was pretty disappointed given my desire to become a legit photographer, I happen to miss out on some incredible photo opportunities due to sheer coincidence. However, like I mentioned before I did get a couple good close ups, like these:



We then made it out to the Grand Canyon where I took around 200 photos which I am still sifting through to see what I like. I did however catch this one on our way out which I liked a lot.


We then got stuck spending the night in Flagstaff, which is a shit town with even shittier hotels. The next morning we made our way down to Chandler and hung out for the wedding. We happened to get a nice hotel this time around for half the money and called it an early night so we could head out to Albuquerque, NM the next morning.

Once in ABQ, we settled in and had a fun evening with my wife’s parents and sister. The next morning (Father’s Day) we got up and headed out to the aquarium/botanical garden. I once again took a few short of infinity photos which I am sorting through, but I did like these few:



So the first half of the trip is in the bag and tomorrow morning we leave bright and early for Kansas. My dad has informed me there is nothing to see on the way, but maybe I’ll find something to take a picture of. Until next time, Thanks for reading!



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