Epic Family Vacation Finale (the long drive home)

So our vacation has come to a close, and fortunately enough my wife opted to drive the majority of the fourteen hours it took to get home. As such I was able to get some pretty sweet shots of the sun setting behind the Rocky Mountains outside Denver. There were a few random other tourist traps we stopped at that had some excellent opportunities as well.

As far as my “style” is concerned, I do prefer landscapes and macro images (as you can tell through my Flickr account) and have quite the fondness for old and run down structures. It turns out there is a whole subset of photography called “Ruin Porn” which accounts for this. Aside from the unfortunate title of porn which I recommend not googling (as your results may vary), it is one of the most fascinating things about photography I’ve found.  There was an article a while back I read which explained why people love seeing it and shooting it so much and it has to do with being connected to things long past. Seeing what was once considered a great or functional structure being tossed aside so easily allows us to have some perspective on just how finite our “things” are. More likely than not you will see more of such things if you continue to peruse my networks as my goal is to start exploring that style with substantially more fervor.

So without boring you too much more here are some of my favorites from the drive home on Saturday:








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