When Laziness Pays off

I finished off my last post with a passing thought on Laziness, and today I am here to tell you how laziness has changed my life and gotten me some really cool pictures. It was about a week ago now when I was sitting on the grass outside my apartment trying to get some pictures of the sunset. I had looked over at one point and noticed a few small white flowers bunched together and tried to take some pictures of those too. They didn’t come out well so they got scrapped. At that point I set my camera down and was just looking at the sky when I leaned over and started tapping the shutter button on my camera. I had forgotten it was on and accidentally took this pretty cool shot.



The next day My wife and I along with a few friends went to Barker Park in North Ogden to watch the fireworks show for the 4th. I was determined to take a good picture of a firework in mid explosion. I spent most of that morning reading articles on how it’s done, took a bunch of notes and set off to try it out.

We got to the park about thirty minutes before show time and I started practicing on various people’s home displays. My notes were doing me no good. The pictures were coming out blurry or I was missing the shots (catching it either too early or too late). So I had an idea, and a very lazy one at that. I set up the tripod, pointed the camera at the direction the show would be coming from and set it to automatically take a picture every 20 seconds. I then sat down, had a cigarette and waited. About fifteen shots in I stopped to see how they were going and I noticed I was catching them almost exactly where I wanted. So I made a few small adjustments and let it fly. I ended up with some really solid and fun pictures (which you can see on my Flickr).

The moral of this story? You don’t always have to bust your ass to get a good shot. Also, and more importantly, changing perspective (as I learned from the flowers) can make for some cool pictures as well. Sometimes, in your laziness you learn something new, in this case. I learned two things. I also went out the next day and bought myself an infrared remote so I don’t have to fight camera shake whilst taking pictures from my tripod. It’s been the best two dollars (thank you best buy employee discount) I’ve ever spent. Now I can snap awesome set up shots without adding in that slight blur.

So that’s been the last week for me. I went out to take some more pictures today which I will be editing and posting later. I’ll probably have a post about them as well tomorrow. Thanks for reading!



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