Random Musings #1 of Many

I guess you could say all of my posts are random musings and that this, being my 11th post is in fact number 11 and not the first. However I feel there was some resemblance of a point or purpose with the other posts whereas this will likely be truly random. Let’s get started shall we?


First and foremost, Fuck these things:



I understand there is some level of sacrilegious-ness given its title as the state bird of my current state of residence. Of course it only won that title for being a fat sloppy asshole. Here’s a quote from pioneer.utah.gov explaining the states love for the foul creatures due to eating it’s weight in crickets back in the mid 19th century whilst said crickets were pillaging the fields like a fleet of blood-thirsty Norsemen:

 “Orson F. Whitney says that in the midst of the devastation of the crickets, “when it seemed that nothing could stay the devastation, great flocks of gulls appeared, filling the air with their white wings and plaintive cries, and settled down upon the half-ruined fields. fields. All day long they gorged themselves, and when full, disgorged and feasted again, the white gulls upon the black crickets, list hosts of heaven and hell contending, until the pests were vanquished and the people were saved.” After devouring the crickets, the gulls returned “to the lake islands whence they came.”


I mention this because contrary to their exalted status, these things are basically rats with wings. They fly in herds gobbling up anything they can, shitting everywhere and just generally being a nuisance to all the fine people of who-ville (which is what I have decided we should rename Ogden too). They are loud and aggressive. They attack people and children and dogs alike because to them, we are all crickets.

Anyhoo, on to brighter things. The other day a good buddy of mine got the chance to visit the botanical gardens here in beautiful who-ville and I was able to catch some really nice macro shots of various things. The two I was most pleased with were these:




So ya, it was a good day. I will note that I have almost always had an aversion to bees, as they have giant man killing spears protruding from their backsides, which they own for the sole intention of stabbing me with. Similar to the Gulls, Bees are tiny screaming assholes. However in this case, I was able to just lay down in the grass and try to catch some pictures of them. I’m not entirely sure why I thought this was a good idea given the aforementioned claims, but it turned out they had much more important things to do besides suicide bomb my calves, for which I am thankful. Unfortunately nothing else of note has happened the last few days. I hope to get out and do some more photography soon and get some more pictures up. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment regaling me with tales of whatever awful creature you happen to despise and why. I always love some good old fashioned vitriol. Thanks for reading!



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