Staging Photos For Fun & Profit

So as anyone else who takes pictures will tell you, you often have to shoot a lot of them to get the one you want. For the most part I knew this going in as it seemed fairly obvious that people don’t just snap perfect photos on the first click. What I learned last night was more or less, how many shots “a lot” is, and how even the slightest changes can have a drastic impact on the final product. Take for example this image:

After getting home from checking out some sweet fireworks I saw a wonderful shot of the moon and clouds which I felt I had to take. For the record it came out alright. I ended up doing a zoomed in shot of the moon itself so I could overlay it with the pulled out version. The goal was to not just have a bright white orb hanging up there but rather the moon with all of its dents and dark spots I can see with my own eyes. I ended up with this:

I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it. Maybe I’m just too picky.


Anyhoo, back to the original picture. My wife wanted just a picture of us together, and we snapped a cute picture of us smooching, but as my wife pointed out, there were parts of it that looked kinda awkward. For example, the place where we were standing had a lightpost near it and our position mixed with her shirt color made it look like the two were conjoined. So we moved around and changed locations of our arms, legs, faces, etc. I found that through the process, I learned not only the aforementioned point, but gained a little insight into posing people in general. Especially women, whom I assure care how their pictures look.

The end result of course, was something I was pleased enough to be willing to post it online for the public to view. All in all, I feel the whole endeavor was a success, and also got some more cool pictures of fireworks too. Good day was good. Thanks for reading!




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