It’s All Fun & Games

So I know I haven’t posted in a week or so. Sadly, now with me having gotten my Kiddo back from her extended vacay with the grandparents on top of my full time job, I haven’t gotten out to shoot much. However, on the trip to pick up the kid, the wife and I stopped off in Moab, UT at Arches National Park where I got a pair of what I feel are pretty solid photos. The first was taken near the entrance and located just south of the La Sal Mountains. The next one is of a formation called “Balancing Rock” for obvious reasons. I managed to get a few shots of “Delicate Arch” which is the go-to thing at this particular park, but there were a ton of tourists and I am still trying to figure out the Photoshop trick to pull them out and leave the arch intact.

Entrance to Arches

Aside from that I did get to take a short hike on Thursday at the North Ogden Nature Center and managed to snap a solid (in my opinion of course) panorama of Ben Lomond Peak and the surrounding mountains.

Ben Lomond Panorama

Also, for being as hot and dry as it was in that area, the wild sunflowers seem to be doing quite well.

So I did manage to get a few things done on the picture front. If you click the pics it will take you to my Flickr account where you can see those enlarged and high res.


On another interesting note, I have decided to enter a few of my photos into some photography contests over on ViewBug. I’m not sure what my odds of winning are, but if I don’t enter, they are definitely zero. So wish me luck, and if you are a ViewBug member, you can vote for my pictures (assuming you like them of course) here:


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