Being Outdoorsy

I’ve noticed I haven’t been posting as much as I would like mostly due to just being tired from work and not being entirely sure what to say. With that being said I have been up to some things lately. I got to do some hiking on my day off last Thursday where I got a couple of really good shots which I submitted to a photo contest on The theme of the contest was “Food Chain” and I had a tough time picking which of the two I should submit. I ended up going with this one:

The alternative was this one:


Later that day I had the chance to take the kiddo to her very first baseball game.  We ended up having a great time given the tickets were super cheap and the fails plenty (word to the wise, Single A baseball is embarrassing for everyone involved. The pitching is horrendous). I also managed to get two pretty good shots of home plate. My goal was to catch a picture of a player connecting with the ball in that glorious Sportscenter cover style. I actually managed to get one too! I also got a shot of a total whiff which I like even more. I titled it “Casey at Bat”

And here’s the shot of the connection. It ended up being a pop fly but the shot was still the one I wanted:



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