Ogden Forgotten Pt. I (of who knows)

In case you’re curious, this will be an ongoing and multi-part series. I will say before I get rambling though, my hope isn’t to just throw up some pictures of old junky stuff, but rather learn a little bit about those things (if at all possible) and provide some history as well. Hopefully if nothing else I can learn a little about how and why these things got to where they are today, and if it goes well I can bring you along for that journey too. Who knows, maybe if I can pile enough of these together I could have a book on my hands.

Even before I started taking pictures, I was always fascinated by abandoned structures: Buildings, cars, etc. What was so interesting to me is how something that was at one point so exceptionally pivotal to the life of some number of people could be just up and left to slowly rot away until it’s either demolished or so overtaken by the nature around it that it’s mostly unrecognizable. Once I bought my camera I wanted to be one of those people who got out and took those beautifully creepy and depressing images of such things. This of course hasn’t really happened as much because I got fascinated with a lot of other styles of photography and those basically enveloped my time. As of late however, I’ve made more of an attempt to get these types of pictures around Ogden, UT (my current city of residence). So for this post I’ll be providing some of that work.


The 19th Ward:

A prolonged Google search provided exactly zero information on this building. From my wandering about I do know it was built in the earlier part of the 1900s  as seen by this:

19th front

Outside of that, I can say that it was definitely a small church. The chapel area would have likely held no more than 100 people at max capacity.

Chapel at 19th

The rooms throughout the building were quite small (6’x8′ in most cases, or smaller) and likely single purpose. There did seem to be some effort at one time or another to repair or renovate the place although I couldn’t tell if it was recently or not.

Nursery 19th room 1 19th top floor


Hall to Nursery Abandoned Piano

I do plan on (when I get the chance) stopping by one of the temples in the area to see if I can learn any more about it. In the meantime, I’ll have to pause on that project and end this post here.


Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see ya next time!



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