In Search of Cellular Telephone Service

I got the chance to do an awesome hike the other day and am super pumped about it even in hindsight. As I have mentioned in previous posts I had a goal of getting out to Antelope Island to snap some photos and I got to do just that. While I was there, I happened to get a wild hair across my ass and take a hike. I did not however, read the signage at the trail-head. It ended up being a little over 3 miles each way and on an approximately 45 degree incline going up to the top of Frary Peak. The trip took about three hours to the top and was pretty miserable at some points. Once I got to the top however, the view was stunning. I managed to snap some pretty cool pictures from the peak including a panorama of the western side of the lake. I even happened upon what looked like a cell tower (in which I posted to IG that I still couldn’t get sprint cell service while sitting under it).

I am a little bummed with how my panorama came out, given that for some reason, Photoshop keeps putting this vortex-like blur in the middle of the image. It’s really only noticeable if you’re viewing it at the full 6000×4000 resolution, but since I know it’s there, it bugs me.

Before I move on to the rest of this, I do wanna take a second and toot my horn a little. I am not in good shape. At all. I smoke, I drink whisky, I live a mostly sedentary lifestyle with a job I do sitting down. However, I love to hike. I want to hike more. It’s exceptionally difficult however. There were a couple of points in which I thought about turning back while on this hike. I wondered if I would have enough time to get it done and still be back so my wife could get to work on time. I worried I would miss out on the opportunity to snap some photos from other parts of the island. I realized pretty quick each time I stopped to take a breather, that I was only thinking these things, because I didn’t think I could actually make it. It was steep, My legs burned, my chest hurt, the list goes on. But I told myself around the 2/3 mark, that: No excuses, I’m this far, and no matter how much it sucks, I will make it to the top and snap some awesome shots from the peak. Then I did just that. While the distance traveled wasn’t a lot by any means (I’ve done longer hikes since moving to Utah), You do pick up 2200 feet in elevation, and you do it pretty quickly. I am proud of myself for not heading back to the bottom early. I’m stoked I made the top. I also have decided that I am going to make a real attempt to get in good enough shape that next summer I can climb both Ben Lomond, and Mt Ogden. It’s gonna be a weekend trip in both cases, but it is also gonna be awesome and I am excited to snap some pictures from the top of each!


Anyhoo, back to the picture stuff. Once I got back down from the peak (which took about half an hour as I spent the whole time unintentionally sprinting due to the steepness) I rested for a few minutes and chatted with some other hikers who pointed that the Bison were on the move a little south of our location and were getting close to the road. Excited for another opportunity to get out and shoot some of them up close, I said goodbye and moved on. I’ve almost always had a fascination with Bison/Buffalo although aside from their tasty meat I’m not so sure why. I think they a fun to photograph because they are to some extent both large and fairly lazy (which makes getting close a lot easier). I suppose there is a degree of majesty in them as well. But I won’t get all tree-huggy here.

After a short drive I come to a section of road where the bison were grazing nearby. When the other hikers said near the road, they weren’t kidding. In most cases I was within 20 feet of some of them. They seemed to largely not care about my existence, which was nice.  Of the group of about 40 of them, one seemed much larger than all the others. He also grunted and huffed a lot when I was getting to close. This lead me to believe he was in charge of this group and I decided to back off a little as to not test that theory too scientifically. I did however hang around long enough that he seemed to realize I wasn’t out to bother or hurt anyone and I was able to move in near enough to him to get a couple good shots:

All in all, I didn’t get to explore as much of the island as I had wanted. The hike took up most of the time I had that day. I am however still glad I did it and was able to still get some pretty good shots nonetheless. I have this coming Friday off and will likely get out and take some more pictures (although where, I do not yet know). So until then, thanks for reading and see you next time!



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