Every Day I’m Husslin’

Yesterday was another productive day off to say the least. Got to watch a movie with the wife, and I got to spend the morning shooting some more sweet landscapes from around the greater Salt Lake area. It’s been nice lately having my schedule be the way it is as a good buddy of mine and I who both like to take photos have the same days off. So we’ve been getting up early and heading out to explore the area around us. For the last week or two we have just stuck to heading southeast near a small town called Morgan due to it being at the base of the Wasatch Mountain range and if it isn’t clear, I like taking pictures of mountain ranges. So like the last few trips I snapped a few hundred photos and ended up with a few I really liked.

The first set here is from an area called East Canyon State Park. There isn’t a whole lot to look at to be completely honest. It’s mostly just a small campground and a lake, but the boat dock does look out into the mountains and the lake was fairly pretty at that time of the morning. So I ended up with these:

Dock BW



After we left that area, we drove through some ranch land on this back road that ended up kicking us out by a small golf course community called Summit Park, which is near Park City. It’s also apparently where all the rich people live in Utah as every house we drove by had to be at least 10K SQ/Ft. Around this time we started getting hungry so we opted to get on the highway and head back towards Ogden. On the way there were a few snow capped range shots I loved and we were able to pull over and catch those too. Here’s what I got from them:

Roadside Mountain


What I like about the second one is that you could see the darker storm clouds starting to roll in, which always gets me a little more excited than it probably should. The whole snowy-mountain-with-storm-rolling-in thing is one of my favorite types of images to look at (as well as shoot). All in all, it was an excellent day and I am hoping to get to continue to have the chance to go out and get these kinds of shots on a regular basis.

Part of that of course, is that as I mentioned in an earlier post, I get to be a part of the “First Friday Art Walk” that Ogden does every month. How it works, is that businesses on main street (25th for us) sign up and partner with local artists to display their work on their walls. Then they all run various sales and promotions to generate foot traffic and allow customers who are getting their normal shopping done the chance to buy up some sweet local art right there as well. I found out about all this not long after moving to Ogden, but it wasn’t until I was chatting with a guy who runs a place called “Making Scents” (FB page is here: http://on.fb.me/1BZediv) and asked how someone can display their work I learned more. It was an awesome conversation that basically went like this:

Me: “So how does someone get involved with the Art Walk?”
Owner: “Well as a business, you have to reguster with the city for it.”
Me: “I meant as an artist”
Owner: “Oh! What do you do?”
Me: “Landscape Photography.”

Owner: “I’ve always wanted that in my shop! Bring me a card and we’ll set you up!”

I basically died. Luckily I was able to hold in my excitement till I got out the door, but ya. Things are looking good for the near future. So for both of my fans out there, stay tuned cause big things are happening! And as always, thanks for reading!


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