Big News & A Soon To Be Review!

So I have two things in the works right now. As I mentioned in an earlier post (for those of you who are new here, you should skim through the rest of the blog. It’s quite riveting, really) I will be a part of the Ogden Art Walk sometime early next year. The other big thing came along just the other day when I got a chance to chat with a rep who works for Sony at my big box retail job. First, a little back story though.

I’ve been chatting with this guy pretty much weekly since around March of this year. It started when I was still in the market to buy my first DSLR and he being a rep for Sony (as well as an amateur photographer himself) kept trying to nudge me towards the NEX line, given the A series hadn’t come out yet. I eventually settled on my Nikon, and much to my surprise he was just as excited to continue talking about photography stuff even though I went another direction. Turns out, he actually just enjoys photography and doesn’t so much care what camera people buy. He’d periodically chide me still about how I should have bought this that or the other, but it was always in good fun and he was always interested in seeing the photos I took on my weekend and showing off what he shot from his last outing.

So on to this week. I see him pop in the store, which is more rare now since he got promoted and now trains the reps instead of us employees, and I walk over to chat. I tell him about how I broke down and got an a6000 and how good it actually was. I jokingly apologized for not listening sooner and we had a good laugh about it. As with every other conversation we have, I break out the photos towards the end. Only this time instead of his typical discussion I get an exceptionally positive reaction about most of my new ones. So much so that he asks if he can use them as advertising for the a6000 cameras in all of the stores he oversees. So ya! I will have my photos being shown in a big box retailer all across the western US! Needless to say I am super pumped about that action.

As for the review side of things. I got a sweet gift card for Shutterfly for Christmas from my Mother-in-law which I turned into a few more prints. I also got a free 8×8 photo book with the purchase of my camera so I set that up and ordered it to use as a portfolio. Those items only set me back like 15 bucks in my own money which is pretty sweet. Since I haven’t used Shutterfly for printing services before, I’ll likely be doing a review of their work/quality once the pictures arrive (should be between Jan 3 & Jan 8), so keep on the lookout for that. I have had some of my other photos printed locally and am quite please with them, so I have some benchmark of what I am wanting from this new place.

Anyhoo, enough chatter! It’s time to celebrate and sleep. Tomorrow is a day off from work, and since we knocked out our Christmas celebration a little early this year due to visiting family and the subsequent timeline of that, I’ll likely get out and shoot some stuff tomorrow. Till next time!


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