Snow White and the Huntsville

Today all in all has been a pretty solid day. I got the chance to get out and shoot some winter photos which seemed like and ended up being a lot of fun. There is definitely a trick to it I am still working on to ensure everything isn’t just white, but I ended up with a few shots that I kind of enjoyed.

A lot of photographers will tell you how important it is that you shoot at certain times of day or in certain seasons to get the right look you want on your photos. They weren’t kidding! The overall feel of the area I was in today was drastically different than the last time I had been, which was around the middle of summer. What was once a pleasant (although not terribly interesting) stream, had become quite a bit more beautiful and serene with the addition of six inches of fresh powder:

The second photo makes me want a ND filter even more than I already did. Not that I necessarily need to have that silky look to the water in my photos (in most cases I prefer not having it), but in this specific example I think the image would have worked a lot better with it. Maybe I’m just being picky though.

On top of some neat shots of the stream I managed to get a small glimpse of the sun on an otherwise cloudy day and I thought it made for a rather cool, albeit desolate looking image of the dead trees not far past the trail head:

I also thought it was rather interesting that amongst all the brown and white there was a little spot of red. One plant had not yet thrown in the towel and opted to take its winter nap yet. This is not entirely unbelievable given that it didn’t start snowing here till last week and we stayed mostly in the 60s till then. Nonetheless, I admire its resolve and hope it keeps up the good fight. Not like those other quitter plants that rolled up last month before it even got cold. Pfft, losers.

And of course, last but not least, the reason for the title. I primarily went out to try and get a shot of one of the smaller neighboring towns for a contest over on Viewbug and ended up with a simple but nice shot of the town of Huntsville (or at least part of it anyways):

Snow White and the Huntsville

I like that it has the somewhat classic “little winter town” look, as it reminds me of a painting that hung up in my parents house the whole time I was growing up of a small cottage on a snowy road. Simple and peaceful.

Aside from that, I have not much going on in the near future as my work schedule looks to be hectic enough to prevent me from getting out for the next 6-8 days. Hopefully I can wheel another Sunday/Monday weekend and get both time to shoot and time to play with the kiddo. Best kind of weekend indeed. Till next time, Thanks for reading!


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