The Morgan Finale

First off, I should apologize for slacking a bit on the blog writing. I haven’t been able to put as much time into it as I would like, but with a new year now I have opted to make this more of a priority. So with that being said, I’ll make it up to you all with a couple of posts this week.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what I’ve been up as of late. The unfortunate answer is Work, mostly. But I did get a chance to get out and snap some photos, so that’s something. On Monday, my day kind of snuck by me, but I rolled out of the house in the early afternoon to try and get some shots of the Morgan area one more time, before I move on to another location. The first two photos are of the Wasatch Mountain Range. Unlike others I’ve taken of this area, I thought the cloud formations mixed with the winter-y landscape made for a nice image so I opted to shoot it and see what kind of angles I could get. I came out of it with these:

I am pretty happy with how both of them came out. The more I come back to them, the more I enjoy that line of sunlight cutting through the clouds. The little farm in front of the mountains felt very serene and pleasant to just sit back and look at, which I think also makes for a good photo subject.

After that I rolled a little further down the road towards a small town called Taggart. On the exit to Taggart, you can go left and head towards the town, or you can go right and loop around the hill towards the train tracks. I opted to go right, and found a cool older trestle that connects to a tunnel as well as a nice little river. I ended up hanging out for a while just enjoying the quiet, but also managed to get a few shots there too:

All in all it was a fairly productive day. Once I’m finished with my cob through and edits on Tuesday’s photos I’l get those uploaded to Flickr et al and throw up a post about them as well. I will say, I did get to accomplish a few of my goals on the Tuesday shoot so that was kinda nice. Till next time, Thanks for reading!


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