Resolutions for 2015: The Good, The Bad, The Upcoming

So I set out a couple of resolutions to work on this year when it comes to my photography, first and foremost was to make sure this blog doesn’t go the way of my other endeavors (neglected to the point I forget my login information) and thus far I haven’t been doing so well on that. Thusly, the bad. However, I am making strides elsewhere, so here’s the list of what I’m wanting and I’ll probably reference back to this throughout the year:

1) Take an award winning photo
One of the things I would like probably above anything else is to win a photo contest with some of my work. In order to do that I’m going out of my way to test my abilities and learn as many different styles of photography as I can to better improve those odds. For example Here’s the tentative list of contests I’ll be submitting too for the next month on ViewBug:

February 10th-Best Street Photography
February 11th-Creative Use of Flash
February 12th-Your Best Photo
February 14th-Tiny People, Massive Landscapes
February 19th-Glitter Dust and Fireflies
February 26th-Birds in Flight
February 28th-Reflections in Nature

I’m really hoping I can have something good for the 28th, as the prize is an A6000. Even though I already own one, winning that would allow me to sell it and greatly increase my lens portfolio.

2) Sell my Work
As I’ve mentioned before I get to be park of an Art exhibit here in Ogden hopefully next month. It would be super awesome (and a completely needed esteem boost) to actually have people want to pay money for the photos I take. SO let’s cross our fingers that this goes well.

3) Get into Sports Photography
One of the people I follow on twitter is a well know sports photographer named Scott Kelby (you can follow him too @scottkelby). The work he does is both interesting and exciting. It seems like more fun than it probably should to be able to travel to sporting events and capture these iconic Sports Illustrated cover type photos of insane dunks, catches, goals, etc. I’m planning on picking up a solid telephoto so I can start practicing and potentially try for a gig with my Favorite MLS club – Real Salt Lake.

4) Have a real website
This is something I’ve been wanting but isn’t as much of a priority for me as the others. I would love my own web space with the ability to show off my portfolio and potentially even sell work off it. But before that I need to actually get good enough to put together a body of work people will buy.

So there you have it. 4 things I would like to get done this year and hopefully all will come to fruition. Even if they don’t, I feel as though as long as I’m making strides in that direction, then it won’t be a total loss. Until next time, Thanks for reading!


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