Getting In That Night Work …

Yesterday I was presented with an exceptionally pretty sunset. I was also lucky enough that my wife was getting home early from work and I could hoof it up to a higher point to get some quick shots of it. I think of the 100+ pictures I was able to take in few short minutes, a couple of them ended up pretty good. I think I like the first one more as an entire photo, but the clouds in the second one are much more appealing.

In addition to that venture I also got to sneak out for a couple hours after putting the kiddo to bed in an attempt to take some street photography shots. I figured I’d head to Ogden’s downtown area near the Megaplex as that was bound to have people wandering about. I was mistaken. It was barren wasteland devoid of all life less the hum and glow of the giant cinema advertising sign. Nonetheless, I got a couple of neat shots there and one that actually had a few people in it.

Overall I like the color on it, I just wish it was a little more busy. As per my last post I am trying to work on my skills in other areas aside from just landscapes, and not ever having people out doing things makes that difficult. However, I’ll be out and about today as well, so maybe I’ll get a little better luck then.

Sorry for the short post, but given my goals for this year, I figure it’s better to write a little something every day or so, then to write a slightly longer something bi-weekly. So with that being said, I’m off to shoot more and spend the day enjoying this wonderful springtime weather (which makes no sense at all, since it’s February). Until next time, thanks for reading!


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