And So It Was …

Earlier this week I got the opportunity to get out and shoot a few different things for my entire weekend. It was a pleasant change from late, where I would have to spend at least one of my days running errands for various odd things as my work hours always put me outside the scope of actually getting anything done. So on Monday I went out to scope out some potentially new areas for photo taking. While I didn’t take very many during the day, I found what I hoped would be a great place for some night shots. Turns out I was right. It also so happened I stumbled into a sweet little art studio and got the chance to meet and chat with a pretty well known Cowboy painter. His name was Kelly Donovan and I spent close to an hour just shooting the breeze about how he does his thing. He even gave me some good tips on how to market my work, and offered to trade me some of his work for some of mine. Needless to say, that was probably the best part of the day.

Later that night, I ended up driving about 15 miles down Forest St (Exit 366 outside Brigham City) until I ended up in what is a natural migratory bird refuge. I Pulled over about halfway into the park area next to a small man made stream and noticed an absurd amount of stars visible to the naked eye. What made me exceptionally happy about this location is that the moon was at it’s first quarter and it was terribly bright out. It felt almost like dawn/dusk, and yet I could still make out part of the Milky Way. This told me that not only would I get some decent photos that night, but I’d be able to come back when the moon is gone and get some insane ones too! Here’s two of the ones I liked from that excursion:

I had attempted to get a few of the moon in scene as well, but since it was like a tiny sun up there it basically drowned out everything else.

On the ride home I got to witness another cool astrological phenomena in which I saw what seemed like a car-sized meteor streak across the sky. At first I saw the tail and assumed it was a plane from the nearby Air Force Base, but as I pulled the car over and got out, I saw it was on fire and not a plane at all. Sadly in my excitement to snap a photo, I forgot I hadn’t yet changed my settings from doing the astrophotography and so I took an awkward 25 second exposure of something that had moved out of frame in less than two. So swing and a miss on that one.

The next day, I got up and went out with my buddy Trevor (@F_yeah_its_teege) to try and get some shots of people. I have a specific photo I want to take and it requires a good deal of motion and hubbub. Sadly, as per usual lately, by the time we got where we were going, the place was basically dead. Lunch hour was over and so were my hopes and dreams of taking a busy street shot. Nonetheless, we decided to tourist it up and visit the local Cathedral and got to sit and enjoy the beauty that is Catholic architecture. If nothing else, they sure know how to go HAM on building a church.

I did manage to get a decent sneaky shot of a guy who stopped and sat down not to far from us, playing on his phone. I opted to go Black and White on it as I feel with good contrast you get a better quality image of people in monochrome. I could be mistaken though. What do you think?

Checking the time

What I found most interesting about that picture actually has nothing to do with the image itself, but rather me wondering how I ought to treat taking photos of people. It seems the photography community at large falls into a pair of camps on how to do this. Street photographers by trade think that you need not (and for it to be any good, must not) tell your subjects they are being photographed. This provides you the ability to catch them in their natural state and can get more realistic emotion or action. Most other photographers think it’s an invasion of privacy and an infringement on someones rights to make something (be it money, art, etc) off a person without their knowledge or consent. I’m torn on this as I agree with both points. What do you think loyal reader? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

So that’s it for this round. I have another M/T off this coming week so I will again be attempting to get some street photos. As always, I’ll keep you all posted on how that went. Till next time, Thanks for reading!


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