Explore the Elements Photo Contest

I follow a few people on twitter, mostly photographers. One of them had made a post regarding a photo contest that was coming to a close and after reading the details I am opting to enter. So what is it? Well the idea is to post a photo of each of the 4 elements (earth, fire, water, air), Tag some people, and pray to whatever deity will listen to my call. So without any other chit chat, here’s my submission:


One of the things that is most fortunate about moving to Utah is the landscapes. The Wasatch Front is absolutely gorgeous any time of day or year. I think there isn’t much more that says “earth” to me than a towering majestic range.

The idea and feel of Water is that it is fluid and ever changing. Part of why I liked (and subsequently took) this photo is that you get a sense of the different stages of Water. It is occasionally fluid and changing, sometimes, it’s solid and stern. I felt the trees gave a nice pop of color and contrast to the snow and ice as well.

There is always something that invokes that sense of freedom when watching birds in flight. I can’t imagine there is a single person alive who’s stared at them and not wanted to be one for just a moment. I like this photo as it catches them beginning their takeoff into a clean blue sky which could truly lead them anywhere.

When most people think of fire they likely think about the same things. For me, it is more about strength and force. And what could be more forceful or inspiring than when the sky and horizon are set ablaze. Photographers will often tell you that there are only two times in a day which you should be taking pictures. Sunrise and Sunset. The reason is that blazing of reds and oranges will do more for creating a powerful image than almost any scene alone.

I am also supposed to nominate some people as well and so here are the bloggers I’d like to do that for:
Eric Kim

Jasmine Star

Syl Arena

Trey Ratcliff

Zach Arias

For the full terms and conditions (if you’re interested in joining too) you can get em here: http://www.thomascook.com/blog/holiday-competitions-deals/explore-the-elements/#comp_rules

For the most part, it’s pretty standard as far as contest rules go, but you’ll wanna check it out for some tidbits on what the judges are looking for.

That’s it for this one. Hope you enjoyed and I’ll be back with my regularly scheduled (hahahahah) posts before too long. Till next time!


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