Getting It Mostly Right

I got the chance the other day to go out and take another stab at shooting the stars. It’s something I have struggled with immensely regardless of how many articles I read or attempts I make. For whatever reason my pictures are never in focus and my stars were always giant blue and yellow dots. However, on this particular trip I managed to get a few I actually liked (even after I opened them on the laptop and saw them on a full size screen). Here’s a couple:

The Clouds

My favorite of the bunch is definitely the first one. The green cloud is an oddity, and I assume it’s from some level of smog in a nearby town. All of the photos were taken near Promontory Point in here in Utah. If you’re interested in learning more about that, here’s the wiki.

When we got out there (since it was my friend Trevor and I), the first thing we noticed was how cold it was. Luckily given the last few tries at this, I was prepared and we both managed to bundle up well. I brought some camp chairs and we posted up for a long night of shooting. While the first image is my favorite as previously mentioned, I did also like how in the fourth one, the light pollution from the nearby town of Trementon appears almost as a sunrise. While part of me enjoys that to some degree, another part of me dies a little on the inside every time I think about it. Because of how bad it’s getting here in the US (with only Moab, UT being an available Dark Sky site) the likelihood my daughter will get to just gaze up into night sky and see the Milky Way seems more and more of a long shot.

On the bright side, I did finally manage to take a few pictures that weren’t a total blurry mess and for that I am thankful. I also suppose it’s worth noting, I haven’t been as good at blogging lately as I should (big surprise), but I have another one already in the works from an additional excursion into Salt Lake City, where I found some sweet abandoned buildings and went exploring. I’ll probably post about it tomorrow or the day after depending on time. Until next time, Thanks for reading!


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