Urban Exploration & A Need for Preparedness

Earlier in the week I went with a buddy to try and take some photos of some abandoned buildings. The first stop and primary target was an old resort outside Salt Lake City called the SaltAir. Sadly, once we got out there, the building itself was locked up pretty well and there was a posted note alerting us the the building being alarmed. Obviously, it’s tough to get in and photograph something with those conditions in place, so we decided to back off and head for the Downtown area. Downtown Salt Lake has a couple of major shopping areas where you can take some interesting street photography so we decided that would be our next adventure. While it was mostly unproductive, I did manage to find an area well worth exploring.

Across the street from City Creek (one of the two shopping areas) was an old abandoned print shop. Connected to it were a pair of run down looking apartment complexes which showed signs of being inhabited (although not legally I imagine as the fences were about 9 feet high). Underneath one of them was an old bar built in the mid 60s called the “Dead Goat”. While searching for a way into the larger printing press, I had noticed this sweet, evil-looking goat head and directions to go downstairs. I couldn’t help myself and opted to take a look.


Sadly I was only able to get a good shot of the entrance, as it was much too dark inside (duh!) to snap any shots. I also, in an attempt to pack light left my bag which held things like my flashlight and wide angle lens, back in the car. So I was stuck with my telephoto and no light source. This is a classic case of what I call “Driving the struggle bus to Woesville”. Needless to say I will likely be heading back to check it outand see what I can find inside, and of course, next time I’ll remember to bring my flashlight! So look forward to that kind reader, and till next time, Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Urban Exploration & A Need for Preparedness

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