More Astrophotography ( I swear I’ll stop after this)

I know a lot of my posts lately have been of my attempts at taking pictures of the stars. It’s become a bit of an obsession with me as of late. I also imagine it probably gets old and boring for you guys, so I’ll make this the last of these post types for a little while.

However, for this post allow me to say I am PUMPED! Aside from shots of the stars, I’ve had a somewhat bucket-list of pictures I’d like to take which includes but isn’t limited too:

– An oncoming train
– One of those street shots with a bunch of people blurred around a single in focus individual
– Lightning
– My cat doing something ridiculous (need that internet fame, ya know?)

Well on Sunday night, I went out to shoot the trestle outside Taggart again, but this time I went at night expecting it to be fairly dark and give me a shot of getting some really good star photos. Lo and behold, I got very lucky and not only caught some stars, I can scratch the moving train image off my list too:

Ghost train 2

Funny story (although it may be a “you had to be there” kind of funny), I was just sitting around talking with my buddy Trevor (@theteege2) when he asked if I heard a noise. I mentioned I hadn’t and just sat quietly for a moment hoping it would come again. As I was about to say something along the lines of him being insane, I see the back side of the tunnel light up and hear the train horn blast. I was so excited at the prospect of catching the shot I almost forgot to actually go over to my camera and take the picture. I was too busy fist pumping and dancing that the moment had come. I did luckily, quickly realize that I needed to take a photo so I rushed to my camera and started snapping. Unfortunately I was on Astro settings: 30 seconds, f 3.5, ISO 1000. So that picture came out awful. However, I readjusted and tried again and this time, caught the train moving. By using the flashlight app on my phone to bounce off the reflectors, I was able to create that ghosted image of the train above the lines of light.

Once the train had passed, we looked through the pictures and saw the one above. We joked about photography being all luck and no skill and then opted to move on to the next location. Before rolling out though, I snapped a few more of the trestle for good measure (hoping I could get a good skill shot and not just a lucky one). I ended up with this:

Night Trestle

After leaving that area, we went back towards State Canyon park outside Morgan. It was about a half hour drive but once we decided to stop, we got out of the car along the 65 and saw nothing but white dots and darkness. We snapped a few shots of the road before agreeing it was “losing the feeling in your toes” cold and opted to pack up and call it a night. In hindsight I should have probably packed it in a little sooner since I had work the next day, and a pair of energy drinks barely got me through my shift. However, one of those road shots ended up alright so it wasn’t a total waste:

All in all, it was a great night for shooting. I look forward to doing it more, but I plan on discussing something else on the blog for the next little while. I appreciate you all putting up with my obsession and hope you’ll continue to follow me as I work on learning a new style of photography: Abstract. My next post will likely be on that.

On a final note, I’m thinking of putting together some tutorials on how I get my shots. Do you all think it’s a good idea, or is there too much of that already out there in the interwebs? I’d love to hear your thoughts. And as always, Till next time!


2 thoughts on “More Astrophotography ( I swear I’ll stop after this)

  1. Shared to Twitter, asking for a RT. Pinned the ghost train (says something that we both came up with that description independently) to a new board of ‘inspirations’ for my novel-in-progress “All Gallow’s Eve”.

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