Going Abstract

One of the things I’ve been doing more of this year compared to last year is competing in themed photo contests. Of all the various articles and tutorials I’ve read on improving my photography, the one regarding stepping out of your comfort zone easily seemed most useful. The general idea is that if you can learn a multitude of other types of photography, then you can incorporate elements of those into whatever your preferred style is. This of course, gives you additional tools and tricks to use to get more original images and help separate you from everyone else who is taking the same pictures of the same mountains or elk or whatever.

As such, I’ve been working on learning some additional types including astrophotography (or low light in general), portraits, and abstract. I’ve had a few portraits come out all right and I finally got some decent star photos as I mentioned last time. So now I’m on to Abstract photos.

The idea of this as I understand it, is to present an alternative perspective to an everyday object in order to change the feeling or emotion of the the photo. So things as ordinary as a soda can or lamp can be adjusted to be more interesting depending on framing and view. For example, I took these two photos the other day and I’ll likely end up submitting one of them for the contest.

AB Umbrella

AB Faucet

While I think both images are pretty good, I feel the second one is much too obvious, and doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The first, however has all the design elements I think the contest is looking for, so I’ll most likely roll with it and see what happens. And just for fun, if you wanna take a guess at what the first one is (without clicking on it as I named it on Flickr) and post that in the comments, I’m curious to see how obvious that one is as well.

That’s all for this one, I know it’s a little short, but I have been pretty busy getting some spring cleaning done and haven’t had a lot of time for working on taking photos. I’ll be back in full swing of it next week, so until next time, Thanks for reading!


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