Sometimes Its Better To Be Lucky Than Good

If I’ve learned anything in teaching myself how to take photos over the last year or so, it’s that every so often you’ll snap a shot having forgotten to set the “correct” settings, or change your focus or whatever, and lo and behold it’s everything you dreamed of. Sometimes, you get lucky and your auto-focus does exactly as you’d hoped. Sometimes, a person moves into a shot and it makes for an incredible photo. It just so happened I’ve experienced this at least a couple of times the last few days.

The first came when I took the kiddo to the duck pond to play and walk. I always tend to take pictures of the ducks as you never know when you’ll catch a photo of them taking off (see earlier posts) or fighting, or doing some other duck related thing. In this particular case I was watching one in particular wander up to my daughter with no real sense of concern for its own safety and I snapped a photo. Turns, out I didn’t think to even check the settings or the focal range or any of it. I just shot from the hip and I happened into a brilliantly focused image.

While the photo itself isn’t much, the fact that the shot somehow framed VERY well without me having really done anything for it, makes me quite happy. It also points back to the intro about getting your auto-focus to do what YOU want instead of what it THINKS you want. I ran into a similar situation regarding the focus the next day while hiking when I saw come flowers and opted to try and get a quick shot of them too:

As for having people wander into a photo, there’s a story for that too. I took my buddy Trevor up to Waterfall Canyon since he hadn’t done that particular hike before and as we sat at the top snapping random shots, a young lady who also had just made the climb came and sat down next to where we were shooting. I ended up with this:

Taking a Breather

It’s like something you’d see on a poster for granola bars. I did end up doing some post work as a small child had also wandered into the frame and I am mostly opposed to taking pictures of children that aren’t mine (Let me know int he comments if you can tell where she popped up). This is another one of those cases in which things just kind of fell into place and I ended up with an image I am very proud of. Of course, being socially awkward with taking peoples photos still (according to Eric Kim, that’s exceptionally normal) I didn’t think to talk to her and see how she felt about the fact. Maybe she’ll find this and I can have that discussion another time.

These of course are only the most recent examples, the ghosted train image from an earlier post was another example of me wanting a certain photo, forgetting to properly adjust settings, yet somehow ending up with a great picture anyways. I’m starting to think I should just use superior auto and let it ride. Luckily though, that thought doesn’t last long! That’s it for now, I’ll be out shooting some more tomorrow hopefully. So till next time, Thanks for reading!


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