Forgotten SLC – The Dead Goat Bar

On Friday I got the opportunity to go and do a little more urban exploration. A buddy of mine and I had been discussing checking out some of the old abandoned buildings in Salt Lake City, so Friday we packed up our gear and went for it. If you’ll remember on of my posts from march (you can see it here) I talked a little about how I wanted to check out this particular bar that was underneath an old printing factory. At the time I didn’t have any flashlights or additional gear to explore with, so this time I came back ready! Behold, The Dead Goat:

Dead Goat Bar

What I find interesting about this place, is that according to a quick Google search it seems that this was quite the underground pub. Home to various heavy metal and rock shows, the bar featured a small stage that had a pretty constant stream of musicians on it. Now of course, not so much.

The bar itself was relatively small, probably enough seating for 40-50 depending on how packed in they spaced the tables out. The Stage room was likely standing room only and could fit another 30-50 people. It supposedly closed sometime around 2006, but the FB page for it was posting as of 2014. Nostaglia, perhaps? The level of deterioration and decay has set in exceptionally quick if that were the case. My guess would be the ruination is mostly to do the homeless and the roving bands of teenagers who use this and it’s upstairs counter part as a place to hang out and smoke/drink. If you’re interested in seeing a few images of it before it became what it is now, you can view their FB page here.

If you’re interested in a more detailed walk-through, I put together a set of images on Imgur which you can check out here. I haven’t done any post work on these as I didn’t feel that would add any real value to them. I may go back and edit them another time though. It also seems Imgur just duplicated a bunch of the pictures for no reason, so I apologize for you having to wade through that. I didn’t want to clog my Flickr with these, so imgur seemed like a good choice. I was mistaken, ish …

That’s all for this one. I’ll be putting together another album of the Arrow Press complex a little later to post another time. Till Next time, thanks for reading!


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