Street Shots, Image Hosting, & a Whole Lot More

While I think I am doing better about posting more regularly with this blog than any previous attempt at blogging I’ve made, I really should do this more. I also know I say that a lot, but maybe if I keep nagging myself, I’ll do better. Nonetheless, today will be a post filled with musings, some blatant advertisement, and even a few pictures. I’ll do this in a few parts:

Part 1: Shout Out To Tackling My Fears!

I recently read through a few e-books by a street photographer named Eric Kim (You can follow him on twitter @erickimphoto). You can check out his PDFs here. Street photography is something that is a bit weird for me. I love the idea of it, and I find it super enjoyable. I also recognize the idea of getting rich, or hell, paying the bills at all, as a street photographer is likely not a real thing. However, it is something I want to do, if not for a paycheck at least to keep me sane while I do take photos for money some other way. Anyhoo, back to the e-book. My biggest hurdle (which is one of the many discussed in the aforementioned post) is the fear of taking someones photo and having them turn into a rage monster on me. I see so many opportunities for great candid shots, and I miss all of them from a crippling anxiety about taking another persons photo without permission. I also have a thing about talking to strangers. So after reading that post I made a conscious decision to start working on those things. Lo’ and behold, it went rather well.

I wandered up and down 25th street here in Ogden for a bit and I snapped a few photos of people and things. Some of which I did without asking. Some people I did ask. One of those was Chris. He’s a regular at one of the bars and was outside smoking. I simply said hello, smiled and asked if I could take his photo. He said sure and I got this:


I’m pretty happy with it. The funny thing is Chris had told me if I was going to take his photo he’d need to pose. He then proceeded to make the exact same face as when I had walked by before even talking to him. He may or may not have had a few drinks in him.

I ended up striking up conversations with a few other people who asked that I not take their picture. I of course obliged, but nonetheless made it a point to just chat and learn a little about them. I got some neat history about 25th street from a guy who lived in a low income apartment complex who’d been living in Ogden for almost 20 years. He talked about the different shops and food joints, places he missed, business he wished would go under, etc. All in all it was quite productive and I got a few other decent street shots of some objects on the street as well:


Part 2: Shout Out To Awesome Web Sites!

For another shout out I want to direct people over to which is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. The site is an image host for people of all artistic styles: comics, photography, digital art, traditional art, animation, and more to come. They are currently in a closed beta but will be moving to an open beta soon and then going public late this month. The site is very fluid and runs beautifully. They also allow for creators to share their content with other creators, discuss their work, and even donate to people whose work they enjoy. They’ve got a ton of great plans in place for the future (including my favorite: selling of digital downloads) and they’re doing it all ad free. If you are doing anything artistic, you need to get in on this and do it ASAP. They owner, with whom I’ve spoken too a few times, is exceptionally humble and gracious and lives for user feedback. In the world of social media, these qualities are rare in and of themselves, but to have them all is like finding a unicorn in your garage. I fully expect this site to be something and be something big.

Part 3: Some Random Stuff

As for me, aside from a fun excursion through town, I have a few big things I’m working on. First, I started a crowdfunding campaign to jump start making photography a real career for me. You can check it out and possibly donate (wink wink, nudge nudge) here:

Sadly, I have no donations yet, but hopefully one of you magical people will change that for me. In other news, there are a few new businesses opening here in town and hopefully I’ll be able to see some art to them to hang on their walls. I think even more than the money, the idea of having my work hanging in a public space is just something I only dream of. So stay tuned for some updates on that! I think that’s all I got for this one. I’m going to try a new hike tomorrow (weather permitting) so I’ll probably have some photos from that up before too long. Until next time, Thanks for reading!


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