One Hectic & Sickly Month

It’s been quite the month since my last post, so allow me to catch you up on all the fun filled adventures I’ve had since then.

Not too long after my last post, I had a short-week long slump in which I had absolutely no interest in taking photos. Between work and family, I think I was just getting a little too burnt out and needed to just sit around and veg out without having to be responsible for anything, which I did and it was wonderful. After that, I got pretty sick there for a little while and I still haven’t fully recovered from it yet. While as of now it’s no more than a minor annoyance, I had about 5-6 days where I was going to bed at 8:30 at night and getting up at 8:30 in the morning for work. I had quite the little regiment of medicine and scotch help the curing process since I was on the verge of going out of town and didn’t want to spend my vacation laying in the hotel room sniffling and coughing. For the most part I would say it was a success. I had the occasional hacking fit while out and about, but nothing I couldn’t cope with.

As of about week ago, I took a short overnight trip down to Denver to drop my kiddo off with my parents for her to spend a little time this summer goofing off and getting spoiled rotten. It is the job of grand-parents to do such things after all. Not surprisingly, I didn’t get to take a lot of photos on the way down, due to having a four year old in the car with me (and it already being a seven hour drive). I will say, as a quick aside, my kid is an awesome little travel buddy. She’s exceptionally mellow in the car and is more than happy to sing along with all my old people music. That being said, I did make the effort to drag out the trip home and stop for any good photo opportunities I could find on the way back. I ended up with these few which I am pretty happy with:

Elk Mountain

Castle Rock

The last two were taken in Colorado, while the others were taken in my 350 mile excursions across the entire southern part of Wyoming (which much to my surprise comprised of a thunderstorm the whole time).
Once I returned from dropping off the kiddo, I went to bed only to wake up sick again. So I powered through another bottle of medicine to get myself to work and packed for a trip to Vegas.
On Thursday my wife and I left for Vegas in hopes to spend a few days of pool side relaxation. I also had the full intention of spending a lot of time doing some street photography. Originally I wanted to put together a comparison of the Strip regarding day time and night time through the eyes of street photography. I realised quickly, that wasn’t a two day endeavor and would require a little more planning and execution than I was able to invest at that time. However, having learned that valuable lesson, I may be able to set aside a better schedule for the next time I’m there to do that. On the bright side, I did get some cool street shots of some people such as these:


Waiting for coffee

Cocktail Waitress BW

Aside from those, I got a couple of shots of the skyline at night from the 28th floor of our hotel which I still need to stitch together and some shots of the local mountain range at sunset which I would like to research a little more before posting about. So more likely than not that will be a post later this week.

Overall the trip was a success, I got to be a lazy slob (which was much needed), I caught up with some old friends, pissed away a few bucks in a slot machine, and solidified some thoughts I’d already had about Vegas. Primarily, the town has the presentation of being an exciting magical Disney-land for grown-ups and degenerates, but really it is no different than any other reasonably large city. The people walking the street are no more interesting or photogenic, the state of panhandlers is roughly equivalent, with the only real difference being that the city tacitly supports the illegal sex trade that happens in America. Which I find depressing. Who knows, maybe I can use my photography and my mild contempt of the strip to do something about that.

Well that’s all I have for this time. Thanks for reading and sticking round even though the posts are few and far between. I may be delayed on the next one as I will be shooting my first wedding on Thursday for two beautiful women who deserve all the best things! Till next, time!


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