Forgotten SLC – Arrow Press Shopping Center

So I wanted to do another installment of an abandoned building exploration in Salt Lake before I get out and hit up some more places. Basically, I don’t want all these images and posts to pile up to the point I can’t get caught up. So for this post I wanted to walk you through an older building in the Arrow Press shopping center (near the Dead Goat bar I posted about last time). To be honest I’m not entirely sure what this building was used for. It had things like a kitchen and some office room spaces downstairs, but since the upstairs was mostly off limits (due to having no stairway to get there) my assumption based on the outside of the building is that it was once a Hotel. I say that because when you walk through the alley behind it, the top two floors appear to be smaller rooms (due to window layout) and also seem to be occupied by various homeless people.

I posted a full album to imgur again, as I don’t have a place to really host these kinds of photos at the moment. I do plan on correcting that hopefully in the near future, but I’m not sure when. For the full album with all it’s duplicate glory, go here:

If you dig through the album, you’ll notice, aside from the fact that there are like four of everything (blame imgur not me!) there is definitely a presence there. People seem to be in and out of the building on a regular basis. The graffiti is something I find the most interesting when doing these types of explorations. Graffiti is to some degree the precursor of the internet. It is a way in which you can speak your mind (however weird or awful it is, in some cases) with a real degree of anonymity.

With that said, we did stumble into a room downstairs with quite a bit of Nazi related graffiti and a pair of photographs (what look like a before and after head shaving) of a young lady who may or may not have joined the cause.

From that point, we found a dark and spooky corridor which led to what seems like the storage and maintenance areas.

While there were a few dead ends, there weren’t as many as I expected especially seeing the condition of the ceilings and some of the rooms having been caved in.

All in all it was fun trip, it was quite cool/damp once we got underneath the building, and I think it was largely what led to me getting sick not too long after. My next planned excursion bodes well, and I got a solid travel buddy to come along with these things. So I’ll be sure to post about that when we’re done. As always, thanks for reading. Until next time!


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