The Value of Scouting

Last night I had every intention of getting into another abandoned building and getting some really cool shots. That however was sadly not the case. For the most part, before I dive into an urban exploration, I usually end up driving by the place a half dozen times. Not in a weird stalker way mind you, but in my day to day excursions of running errands and such, I’ll pass by somewhere and think “Hmm, is that worth going in and exploring?”

Needless to say, this particular place has had my fascination since I moved here. It wasn’t, of course, until recently however I’d had the reason or opportunity (read: photography + a good travel buddy). But now that I had both, I wanted to see inside. The building in question is an old Smith & Edwards distribution factory which you can see here at sunset:

This particular photo is actually stitched together from about 7 vertical shots. While not easy by any means, I think it came together pretty well. Much like any old building, it’s still owned by some person(s) and so all the front doors are locked up tight and the windows barred over. That doesn’t always mean there is no way in however. In most cases, places like this become inadvertent housing for the homeless, and they are exceptionally resourceful when it comes to getting into a place. So the key is basically to find tracks or trails of where it looks like they are headed (beer cans, old jackets, etc) and that usually leads you too an entrance of some sort.

Given the front of the building was a no go, we opted to roll around the outside fence line which sits next to the train depot. I happened to get a couple of neat shots of some parked trains while we hummed and hawed over the excessive amount of fencing and barbed wire. The owner of this property has put in the effort for sure.

With that side being a bust, we walked back over towards the west end where the Ogden river runs by. We found a short fence there and were able to get at least on the grounds. Sadly after about a half hour of crawling through lord only knows what gunk (side note, it was gross enough I just threw the pants I was wearing away after), we realized that this impromptu trip would require a lot more planning than our others. There wasn’t going to be an easy way in, and so we were forced to leave it for now and come back more prepared next time. Hopefully before too long I’ll have some info and photos for you. Until next time! Thanks for reading.

Also, here’s those train shots:

Union Pacific 9493
Between Trains Color


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