How to shoot Street like a 5 year old

There are a select few bloggers and photographers out in the world whom I actually follow on the various social networks I’m on. Oddly enough, a lot of them happen to focus on ‘Street Photography’. Even though it’s something I’m not terribly good at or practice a lot, it is a field in which I find great enjoyment. If you were to go online and read any random article about how to do it well, you’ll see a list of 5 things you ought to be doing to improve your technique. These articles all pretty much say the same things:

1) Get close
2) Use a wide angle lens
3) Don’t be too close
4) Do something that terrifies you (i.e., talk to a stranger or snap a picture in someone’s face, etc)
5) Do and/or do not shoot from the hip depending on some arbitrary standard

Why is all that babble relevant? Well a few days a ago I gave my five year old my wife’s old point and shoot camera (since my wife is now using my old Nikon DSLR). My kiddo has always wanted to play with my camera anytime she’s with me and I’m out shooting, so I figured this would be a good way for her to be entertained while I’m doing something and not bug me to mutilate my shutter button.

So with that in mind, I decided to write this post after watching my daughter wander around the outdoor (ish) mall in Salt Lake city and snap photos. Turns out she pretty much intuitively follows most of the steps to being a great street photographer because being only five she has no sense or concept of personal space; she has to get in close due to being tiny and not able to shoot at face level on most people; and her point and shoot has a fixed 28mm lens on it, so she always shoots wide.

Seeing this in action and thinking about the various articles I’ve read, I was excited to go through her SD card after she went to bed to see if she got any good shots on the day. Lo’ and behold, she did indeed. Some of which I imagine pros would either spend hours waiting around to catch, or spend two weeks humble bragging on twitter about how they happened to “be at the right place, at the right time.”

That all being said, here’s a couple of neat shots from the day. I have to say the top one is probably my favorite given the couple holding hands in front of a sign about being beautiful together. It’s one of those neat circumstances you have to get lucky to shoot and she happened to nail it.

That’s all for this one, as always, until next time, Thanks for reading!


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