Appreciating Happenstance

Earlier this week I happened to have a few days off before the holiday where I got to get out and do some hiking/take some pictures. As of late I’ve really been wanting to try and catch some cool wildlife shots in the areas around Ogden. Sadly, those haven’t worked out so well. When I didn’t have my camera with me or the right lens or whatever the case may have been, I’ve stumbled across all manner of woodland critters. However, when I’m actually prepared to take a shot, the creatures of the world seem to know that and opt to stay inside and do whatever the mammalian equivalent of “binge netflix” is.

On the bright side, I did get a couple of pictures that came together simply because of my location and a series of events well outside my control. For example, I set up to take a photo of this woodland scene off of Birdsong Trail that would eventually be an HDR image of a hiking/biking trail with a nice mix of greens and browns as the whole of the wooded area hadn’t yet turned for winter yet. As I began shooting the control images (before I start adjusting the EV) an older gentleman who has coming back from a short mountain biking ride rolled into the frame and I snapped this:


After catching a few shots of him on his way by, I went back to work on the HDR setup. Once I got home and started review for post, I hated the way the HDR was coming out, but I noticed the shots of the guy on his bike were pretty nice. With a quick bit of post (using a homemade preset) I noticed the image was both sharp, but had a painting like feel to it. So I ended up rolling with these instead.

The other worthwhile shots I got were from wandering into a “no trespassing zone” which ran along the Ogden River heading up 12th street. After a short hike, I was sitting at the mouth of the canyon enjoying the coolness of fall and shooting in a kind of 360 degree fashion. I was just snapping off photos of anything that looked “woodsy” as I was more involved in the hike than I was in bothering to take any pictures. But, sometimes laziness pays off:


Again this image remained sharp while still feeling like a painting. I would guess that is largely due to the lighting of the fairly overcast day, but since I wasn’t being terribly deliberate in any of my shooting that day I can only wager a guess.

On a side note, I snapped a picture on my hike back to the car as it just seemed really weird and out of place. There was a small amount of litter along the pseudo-pathway I was taking and other general signs that maybe some homeless people had taken up shelter here previously. What caught my eye however was that someone had tied a belt around the branches of a tree for seemingly no reason. I could understand if it was tied differently, it could have been for a bear bag, or to hang clothes that had been washed in the river, or something. But this looked like it was there simply just so someone who found it would be confused. So here’s a belt in a tree:


To finish this post up, I also got to do a family portrait shoot out at Beus Pond, which came out great. Because the client is using photos as Christmas presents/cards, they’ve asked I not post them online yet. Since I’m such a nice guy, I’ve agreed and will only be posting the favorites after the holiday. However, I was asked to put up a teaser photo or two on Facebook, so I feel like I can drop those here too! What can I say, I’m hella excited for how they’ll be received!

Warning: This couple is super adorable and may cause you to Aww.


That’s all for this one. Until next time, Thanks for reading!


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