2015 was an excellent year overall. Kiddo started learning to read, I got to take some sweet photo trips, I got a new job working with Google, and I’ve learned a ton when it comes to picture taking. One of those things, is how to find inspiration where none really exists. I can safely say there were probably a half dozen points this year when I had the time and opportunity to get out and shoot but felt completely unmotivated to do so, so instead I would stay home and play on my phone, or surf the web or something else. Really, anything else. It sucked because I knew I should be out taking some kind of photo. For most of the year, my time to do photography was always limited by some outside factor: Work, Family etc. So being blasé about it made me not only unproductive, but sad.

However, being the man of silver-linings that I am, I started to use that downtime more constructively. Even though I wasn’t shooting, I could still be doing something photography related. So instead of taking pictures, I’d find myself pacing about the house brainstorming photo shoot ideas, or new photography projects. Basically things I knew I’d likely not get the chance to do, but at least my creative juices were flowing. Usually if I had a few days off, I could spend the first one puttering and brainstorming, then for whatever reason I was always really excited to just go out and shoot anything the next day. It was a true Christmas miracle of sorts (minus it happening in like May).

The reason for all that rambling above, is to introduce a new photo project I’ll be working on this year. I am pretty excited about it and hope it will turn out as well as I imagined on my insanely long car ride this last weekend. Which of course was the other half of my inspiration.

More backstory:

I HATE DRIVING. I really do. It is one of the most inefficient forms of travel invented in the last 100 years, but since it often costs a fifth of as much to drive somewhere as to fly, my over-arching frugality wins the war of things I hate and I end up driving. This last weekend I drove into Denver and back to pick up my kiddo from her grandparents and in the 16+ hours of highway driving I had what I felt was a great idea.

Behold, my 2016 photo project: THERE IS NO TIME!

The idea of this project is to shoot interesting photos from the front seat of the car. Most of them will likely end up blurry and awful, but as with this trip sometimes you get a winner (or two):


So for the rest of this year, anytime I am driving, I’ll be also snapping photos along the way and trying to post-process at least one good shot and add it too the collection. I’d also like to get other photographers involved in the project and see what kinds of things people will come up with. So be on the lookout for more posts like this one with pseudo-decent photos from the driver’s seat.

As for the name of the project, I feel like that stems from this weird quirk of mine when it comes to road trips. Since I hate driving so much, I try to get it over with as fast as possible. So while I could (and probably should) be stopping periodically to pull over and shoot some, I tend to just roll straight through only stopping for gas. I never feel like I have time to stop and enjoy the scenery. While I know that on some level it isn’t true, my utter contempt for the road creates an anxiety in me that forces the narrative of the hurry-up-and-get-there ideology.

What I find most uplifting about this potential process, is it’s something I’ve always done since I got a camera. In fact some of my favorite shots from when I first started shooting were like that. So, this seems like it bodes well. Here’s one in case you’re curious:

With all that being said, this is one of a couple projects I want to get done this year, so be on the look out for those and as always:

Until next time, Thanks for reading!


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