A Short Excursion to Farmington Bay

Last night after some waffling on where and what I should go and shoot, I decided finally to drive out to Farmington Bay and see what I could find. Like it’s northern brother Bear River, Farmington Bay is a bird refuge nestled not far off of the Great Salt lake. Also like Bear River, I was surprised to see that there are parts of the refuge in which hunting is allowed. It could just be me, but the concept of being gunned down while I’m sleeping/eating doesn’t seem to be what I thought the definition of “refuge” was. I could be wrong of course.

Part of the reason I opted for this area instead of my go to (which is the Bear River area) is that Bear River hasn’t been super profitable for me in terms of seeing actual wildlife. I did manage a few cool shots the last time I was there, but in most cases it’s a total bust. And I figured if I was going to sit out in the snow and cold for two hours, I may as well gamble on a new place since I’m pretty much convinced Bear River is the La Quinta of migratory bird spots. As it turns out, Farmington Bay, while it wasn’t the Bellagio, it was definitely an upgrade. maybe somewhere between a Nice Howard Johnson and an Embassy inn and suites.

The bird life was plentiful as a decent sized grouping of Great Blue Herons had rolled through and opted to make camp for the day. Even better, they seem to not care at all about passing cars so if you shot from your window you could actually get pretty close. Something I didn’t realize until later. For the first half of the trip I was trying to get out of the car and sneak up on them like a loud and stupid asshole. Nonetheless, I did manage to find one who was either deaf, or had just won the Powerball, cause he gave no shits whatsoever:


As I got back into the car and was ready to move on down the road a little more I did catch one just be-bopping down the boulevard and shot this from out my passenger window.


Since the car was technically moving, I’m totally gonna count this towards my photo project.

After that guy I looped around the road and got towards the hunting area. Given I am not a fan of socializing with sociopaths I opted to head back the other way and just try to make due with the lazy, deaf heron. I did however snap a shot of this rat with wings:


On the way back out I caught site of either an eagle of some sort or a gigantic hawk, but since he was hiding in the thick reeds I couldn’t get the camera to focus on him and not all the junk around him. Hopefully the next time I go back that way I can get a better shot. So I felt I was cold and wet enough and my wife had just text me to remind me that food was something people need in their lives and we should probably figure out dinner. I was so excited about the crappy, deaf Heron I’d forgotten I hadn’t really eaten all day. Of course that didn’t stop me from getting a few more shots on the drive out:



I think the color is off on the second shot just a little. It feels maybe too dark. The first shot I think is as good as it can be since the bird managed to blend right in with the wall. Next time I go out, I’ll be sure to bring some high boots and beanie and prep for the long haul. I think there is a lot more to see and explore in that area and I am hoping that as we get closer to February the Bald Eagles will start showing up. I do so very much want to get a shot of one that isn’t in a cage at the zoo.

I think that’ll do it for this one. As always– Until next time, Thanks for reading!


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