TFW You’re Actually Productive!

Yesterday I had every intention on waking up early and going out to a spot near park city that a friend of mine and I had stumbled upon last year. In case you’re wondering, it would have been magical. However, when 5 O’clock rolled around, things went awry and it didn’t happen. Had this been like any of the last few weekends, I probably would have been discouraged enough to just fart around the house and not get out and take any photos at all. However, yesterday was a little different. I actually felt somewhat inspired to get out and shoot! Knowing this feeling has been coming in waves as of late I figured I shouldn’t pass it up and decided to find my way out to a place that I had been wanting to see for a while.

I did end up puttering around the house for a bit before eventually leaving, double-checking the google map to make sure I knew the right unmarked dirt road to turn off on to get myself out onto the Southern Pacific Causeway. I’m pretty glad I went. while the drive itself was a little tedious given the awful condition of the dirt road that runs along the side of the train tracks. Once you get out far enough down the road to where you’re in a part of the Salt Lake where water is a thing, the view is nothing short of incredible. Just clear still water as far as you can see. So still it’s basically glass. Which makes for some nice reflection shots:


I did even try recording a few videos on my iphone while I was out there too. I’m not entirely sure I’ll be uploading them though as I um’d and uh’d quite a bit and have no idea how to edit video. So it would be long and awkward, which I’d rather not subject you all too.

One of the main reasons I chose the causeway was because I’d heard of various ship/boat wreckage that was located along the road and given my love of old, ugly and rusty stuff I knew this would be right up my alley. I was not disappointed at all when I finally stumbled upon them:


I think this trip was probably one of my most productive excursions to date. I got to try some more infrared work, which to be honest didn’t come out nearly as well as I had hoped, but was still pretty cool:


This one is MUCH too blue, but at the same time, if I tried warming it up in post, it just got this ugly purple hue instead. I had a few shots that would have been the right color mix, but I forgot to set the manual focus and ended up with blurry blue blobs. Whoops! So I suppose I’ll chalk this up as a loss and try again the next time I go out.

As for the rest of the excursion, I got to meet a guy I’ve only known online to this point who is also a pretty talented photographer (who specializes in Sports Photography, which is awesome!) You can check out his work here:

I also managed to find lots of neat broken junk like so:


I’m not entirely sure why there is a calculator out there, but it made for a cool photo. I also managed to shoot a few other reflection shots that I am pretty happy with:

And here’s an artsy one of some stacked rocks out in the dry bed part of the lake:


On top of all the fun new photos I got, I also made it a point to snap a few on the way home for my “There’s No Time” Project, both of which ended up WAY better than I expected for a point and snap while shooting out the window of my car. The Bottom one was especially neat as I was turning a corner to get back on the road to head home and just started snapping away knowing that if I pulled over to try and get a “good” shot the deer would have long since ran off. Sometimes you just get super lucky. Which is entirely the point of the project!


That’s it for this one. As always, until next time — Thanks for reading!


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