Awesome weekend is AWESOME!

Sorry this post is a little later than the usual Sunday evening, but I spent the entire weekend doing some behind the scenes work on a short film with a some brilliant local artists. I can’t actually discuss or go into any real details about it as of right now, but as soon as I can, I will. What I can do though is show you this sweet set of piping that was located near where we were filming which I thought was cool:

In lieu of the movie talk, I will instead take the rest of this post to talk about something I can share! That is of course my Ogden 52 photos. For those interested “Ogden 52” is a local photography project in which the town of Ogden, Ut is split into 52 sections. Each one is assigned a card from a standard deck of playing cards and 52 photographers will draw one at random then photograph something from their assigned area. It’s a super fun and awesome project as the photos are sold off and the money goes to funding local children’s art programs. Here’s the link to the blog for more info:

For reference here’s one of the shots I took in the last run:

Ogden 52 - 8 of Spades

For this time around I got a completely residential area, which at first I thought would be a total drag. Lo’ and behold I stumbled on a cool house with a ton of old rusted out relics (cars, stoves, wagons, you name it) and decided to shoot those:





As you can see, this house is a veritable treasure trove of older stuff, and if you’re like me and like it rusty and old, then this is the place to be. I haven’t totally decided which photo I want to submit yet, and I may get out and take a few more to be sure. But I am definitely leaning towards either the tractor or the stove and cow skull.

Outside of that, I have been getting ready for my pair of First Friday venues here in Ogden and making sure I have enough prints available to hang up in both. So next week will likely be a catalog of my adventures in framing prints.

As always, until next time, Thanks for reading!


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