#OgdenWide photowalk and My BTS work.

As I mentioned in a previous post I got an offer to go and do some behind the scenes shots for a short film with some great people. While I still can’t post any real shots of the setup (to not give it away) I did manage to get a few HDR shots of the cast on set for the second weekend of shooting. I even managed to bring the kiddo along and put her to work helping to decorate the set:

“Helping to decorate”
“HDR Director”
“Production Crew Shenanigans”
“Memorizing lines”
“Directing Extras”
“The Magic of Friendship”
“Red Dress”

I gotta say, if you ever get the chance to work on a movie set, it’s one of the most fun (read: exhausting) and rewarding experiences I can think of. Seeing a bunch of seemingly unrelated clips and knowing they’ll come together to make an entire film is out of this world.

Aside from that, yesterday a couple of my friends put together a photo-walk for the photographers of Ogden to meet, hang out and shoot some local scenery. I had a blast hanging out with the people for two big reasons: 1) They are all super talented and fun to be around; and 2) Their passion for photography and art is infectious. Getting to chat with people who want to hear about your cook-y ideas and get excited for you is just phenomenal. Thanks to them, I have not only a fun idea for a photoshoot, but now I have a few more ideas to add in that should make it even better! Unfortunately, that will have to wait until this summer once I’ve upgraded my camera gear, gotten a lighting set-up, and put in the leg work to find models, props, and a location. So since there is still a ton of work to be done there, I’ll show you a couple of the photos I took from yesterdays walk instead to tide you over:




I’m pretty excited to check back into the area with the rotted out car ports and stuffed animal, even though I didn’t get as good a focus on bear as I would have liked. There is an abandoned apartment complex, that has gone onto my list of places to explore. So hopefully you’ll get to see the inside of it soon as well in a future post.

Well that’s it for this one, as always … Thanks for reading!


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