Not All Drama is Bad: Learning to Find & Create the Good Kind!

This last week has been reasonably productive for photo taking. On Tuesday I got down to Layton for a short hands on seminar in model lighting. It was a pretty cool event in which they wrangled together about a half dozen models and few different light setups to teach us about how to shoot portraits. Unfortunately I missed the lecture due to spacing the time, and by the time I got in everyone was working with someone else. So, much like everything else, I grabbed one of the setups and decided to teach myself. It went alright for the most part. I am fairly surprised by the level of care and concern it requires to set up a single shot (or series thereof). Between the lights, diffusers, models, and background elements, you could spend ten minutes prepping a single photo. Nonetheless, I got in and started going for it. I was fortunate that two of the young ladies I was working with were also fairly new to this and super patient with me.

I’ve never worked with a model before and so I had no idea how to pose them, or what kind of things to talk about during the shoot. So as I fumbled between asking about their favorite movies or bands, I’d snap a photo here and there. I also decided I wanted to go a non-traditional route and get shots of the models not doing the regular old “yearbook pose”. With the first, whose name is Jasmine, I wanted to go for melancholy. She had a great look and awesome hair (very Macy Grey-esque). Her sister was the second model and her name was D’Juana. I loved her short hair and classic model look. These were probably the best shots I got of each of them: _DSC8303

The last one I shot, was Heather. She’s been modeling for quite a bit longer than most of the others there and while I didn’t get any studio shots of her, I caught one on my way out the door while she was outside taking a break. The lighting of the building lamp made for a cool shot:

If nothing else, I learned that this is something I am absolutely interested in doing more of. There are so many options that I can foresee doing with creative portraiture.

The second excursion of the week came on Saturday when I took the kiddo out to the Holi Festival of Colors in Salt Lake City. This was by all accounts an awesome event. Tons of music, people, dancing, and general love to all those in attendance regardless of who they were. From the Wiki entry on it:

“The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships, and is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest”

And boy-howdy was that a thing. It was kind of the perfect place for the kiddo as she’s the type of kid whose never met a stranger in her life. She loves everyone, and is all keeping it 100 for play time. Seeing her that amped made the day all that much better. It also helped that I got some sweet photos too! If it is something you want to do I recommend getting some shrink-wrap and some duct tape cause it gets crazy messy and your camera could get ruined pretty easily. But if you’re willing to put in the pre-work and risk it you can get some super colorful and fun photos:
“A guy preps his pack of colored chalk for the dance floor area”

“The kiddo adjusts her bandana. It’s common to wear one like this to prevent breathing in all the chalk in the air.”

“Colorful Yoga. Classes were held throughout the day even as the storm was rolling in”

And of course what good is a festival without all the dancing, music and chalk throwing. Here’s a panorama shot of the dance area and stage:
Holi Festival
“A drone is launched over the crowd to capture everyone throwing a peace sign and their chalk to symbolize unity, love, and peace.”

All in all it was an awesome weekend, even though we’re getting rained out and mostly stuck indoors. I look forward to some of the upcoming festivals here in Ogden this month and can’t wait to shoot some more. As always, until next time, Thanks for reading!


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