Lackadaisical Saturays

This wasn’t one of my more productive weeks for photography as even though I had my camera with me I didn’t take it out much as I wasn’t terribly inspired by the things I was seeing. Saturday was a fun and eventful day nonetheless, as I took the kiddo down to Farmington Station on the Railrunner (our local Amtrak). I caught a few photos on the way home that I thought were kind of neat, but otherwise the day was comprised of shopping and walking and just spending some time with the kiddo. Here’s a pair of street shots at the train platform:



The clouds made for some fun pictures that a lot of my friends took. In hindsight I should have been a little more active on the shutter, but alas it was a carelessly lazy weekend.

Next weekend seems like it should be more exciting as I am dropping the kiddo off with her grandparents for the month of June, as we have the last few years. In doing so, I’ll get to meander around Denver a little where I hope to get some fun street shots and some cool architecture work in. The blog post will likely be a little late as it’s a three day weekend for me and around the time of mine and my wife’s wedding anniversary, so we’ll be puttering around to take advantage of the day off of work.

That’s all for this time. As always, until next time — Thanks for reading!


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