Concert Shoot and Review: Earthestra

Last week I got the chance to stop by the Union Station in downtown Ogden for the first of their summer “Jazz at the Station” series. The Band was initially pitched to me by a co-worker as a Jazz band with some middle eastern instruments fused in. While I am not as familiar with modern Jazz (as I usually listen to more traditional styles), the sound and feel of this band was exceptionally unique and enjoyable. The trio, which consists of: Travis Taylor (Drums), Wade Evans (Sitar, Oud, Guitar, Ney), and Ryan Conger (Keyboard); provide a mellow and inviting atmosphere to partner with their music.

The concert itself lasted about an hour and I have very few complaints aside from the volume levels on the various instruments. There were a few points in which the Drums and Keyboard were much louder than the strings and would periodically drown them out. Otherwise, the sound stayed consistent and pleasant, and they were an enjoyable concert to listen to and photograph. I managed to get a few decent shots of the concert and for being my first time snapping photos of a band, it went alright.

Here’s some of my favorites from the event:


Well that’s it for this one. I figured I’d keep it short and sweet and give a little intro to the photos I wanted to post. I’ll have a some more posts coming soon as I am working on being able ramp up to two posts per week instead of one. Be sure to check out the store in the top right corner, and help support what I do! As always, until next time — Thanks for Reading!


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