Tag the Timberlodge: An Ogden Art Project

Mid June brought about a bit fun for the artistically inclined when the local sandwich shop Even Steven’s invited people from around the city to come and tag up the side of one of their buildings. The company which had bought out the old Timberlodge showroom building, was planning to demolish it in lieu of additional parking behind Washington street was presented to idea by one of its own to let people go nuts and spray paint the side of it prior to its removal. The idea being, that if it’s coming down anyways, why not let people have a chance to do something they’ve likely wanted to do, but haven’t due to legal concerns.

What happened is about 30 people showed up and went bonkers: creating a massive collage of faces, animals and even a wall or words people would like to see go away. Being someone who would love to be artistically inclined myself, I jumped at the chance to join in and throw a tag up on the side of the building:

As you can see, graffiti art isn’t my strong suit. Nonetheless, I was both thrilled and thankful to be a part of the process. What came of the whole thing was a great experience, tons of fun, and an excellent PR opportunity for a local business that already is out doing some great things in the community. Here’s some of the shots I took from the event:







Aside from a fun filled day of tagging, I also got the chance to pop into the old building and snap some shots of the inside, letting me catalog yet another soon to be part of Ogden Forgotten. So stay tuned for the write up on that piece as it will have a decent number of photos in it as well. I didn’t want to post along with this as I want to do some research on the building and provide a little context as well as the shots (as I have with other Urbex shoots) in hopes to give it that historical feel it deserves. All in all, it was a great day and I look forward to the next time something like this comes around. As always, until next time — Thanks for reading!


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