Admiring the Night Sky (again!)

Since the kiddo is spending the month of June with my parents out in Kansas, I tend to have weekends free to drive and do a little more for myself. And since there isn’t a bedtime involved, that means getting out to shoot the stars on clear nights! Since the summer time is usually the best time to view the Milky Way, prepare to be inundated with a multitude of posts about it! Since I have covered shooting the stars in at least three other posts previously, I’ll do you a favor and keep this one short and just post the images from this last excursion. I feel as though the stars themselves are much better in these shots than some of my previous ones, but the foregrounds and other incidental stuff in the frame is much worse. I’m not entirely sure if this is just the trade off I have to make, or if I need to start doing a lot more composite work in Photoshop to get both. Either way, here’s some pictures:

I’m sure there will be at least one more post like this over the course of the summer, so if you’re ready to see the same picture 3, 4, maybe even 5 times get pumped! I know I’m excited! As always, until next time — Thanks for reading!


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