M is for Modeling: The Great Cookie Shoot of 2016

Over the last year or so I’ve joined up a couple of local photography groups. One of them, which meets in Layton once a month, periodically brings in some models from around the area for some hands on learning. This month I was fortunate enough to work with some really cool people. While I don’t really focus on shooting people, it is a thing I want to get better at since a lot of my crazy ideas involve having people in the shot.

Normal people in this situation would be making sure they have perfect outfits, make-up and they’d painstakingly arrange a model in a horrible array of torture poses to get that perfect shot. I however, am by no means normal. So after firing off a couple of “regular” model shots, I gave each of them a chocolate chip cookie and had them eat it while I snapped off some shots.




As you can tell by the progression of faces and laughter, these “pros” clearly didn’t understand my brilliantly creative plan (Read: I got busted for pulling this out of my rear at the last second and many jokes were had). Not to be deterred by the models desire for professionalism, I got two of them to fight for said cookie:


All jokes aside, these folks were super chill and an absolute blast to hang out with and shoot. Unlike other model shoots I’ve gotten to do where the air reeks of pretentiousness and a urine-like odor (from the assumed pissing contest that takes places between flashes of the lights), the Sundry models were exceptionally approachable and easy to work with. I never had to suggest a pose, or ask them to do something (minus the cookie incident), as they just knew how to do their thing and made it work.

Once we’d finished goofing off, we rolled over to the other set-up with used a gel-light rig. To be honest, I actually despise the look of gel photos. The red/blue hues are often too much when hit with a flash. I ended up getting a couple of things that worked but only after heavily processing out the colors and switching to a black and white look. I won’t be posting those images here until I get a release from the models on those. So if you’re really interested, be sure to keep an eye out for those! As always, until next time –Thanks for reading!


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