Playing Catch-up: A Christmas Jazz Extravaganza!

So I haven’t posted in a little while and that’s mostly due to having largely spaced it. I’ve been focusing more on actually shooting photos and bettering myself as a person than simply writing about those things while doing nothing. However, in order to maintain some level of balance, I feel I should probably post about some of my excursions over the last few weeks before rolling into my New Year’s endeavors.

In early December, I was asked to come snap a few pictures of another “Jazz at the Station” event in which a good friend of mine was playing the drums. Given our various conversations on music, I was excited to get the chance to hear him play, and much as I expected, the show was phenomenal. Unlike other jazz shows I’ve been to, this one was Christmas themed and I had no idea how I was going to feel about it, given my strong distaste for most Christmas music. To be fair, I think it stems from spending so many years working in retail, where the music starts in early November and plays for ten hours a day until after New Year’s. By the middle of December I’m usually ready to violently stab anyone who even mentions reindeer.

Oddly enough though, I was surprised to find that I quite enjoy the jazz variations of classic Christmas songs. I also managed to snap a couple of photos I’m reasonably proud of and look forward to this month’s concert which will feature the Weber State University Jazz Band.

As for the concert though, the song list was pretty traditional, but the gentlemen playing seemed to be loose and having a good time. So by the end of the second song, they’d opted to start adding their own flair and solos to the melodies, and towards the end, it was almost as if they just started winging it. For those unfamiliar with Jazz, you might think of that as a disparaging criticism, but realistically, that’s just how jazz is. It’s also why I enjoy going to shows in that genre, as no two bands are ever alike. If you gave fifty jazz groups the same five songs to play, you’d end up with a hundred variations of that set.

That all being said, I know you aren’t here for my brilliant and insightful commentary, but rather some pictures. So here you are:



On a final note, WordPress has changed the way you post to it recently, which I abhor. If you’d do me a solid, leave me a comment and let me know if this page is taking forever to load for you, or if it’s giving you any issues. If the actual posts are as buggy as the editor seems, I may leave this site in favor of another.

That’s all for this one. As always, until next time –Thanks for reading!



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