Impromptu Wedding Shoot: A Friend in Need …

Well Looky thar! Lucky number 100 on the blog posts. It’s as though I’ve managed to keep up with something for an extended period of time. Even better, I’ve managed to do so and still have worthwhile things going on to post about. Case in point: A few weeks ago one of my friends reached out on Facebook asking for a hand with a wedding shoot as it was her sister getting married and she was going to have to be in some of the photos. Always looking for something else to shoot, I quickly jumped on the offer and volunteered my services. Lo’ and behold, it ended up being a total blast as both the bride and groom’s families were super easier to work with and move around based on the needs of the photo. I suppose that’s one of the perks of having the Bride’s sister be the actual photographer. I contemplated throwing up photos from both of us, but I wasn’t sure which ones the other photographer would like to use as a show of her work, so I’ll go with a single shot that I was a big fan of:

If you’re interested in seeing more of her work (I recommend checking the photos folder and scoping out the super adorable engagement shoot), you can check out her FB page at: K’lila Photography

Not only that, the lucky couple was more than willing to buy into whatever kooky schemes I drummed up to pose them in. Such as these from the post ceremony shoot:

and these from the reception:

Of course, You want to have a least a couple of “normal” photos so that your wedding album isn’t entirely filled with how goofy your photographer is, so I snapped these as well:

The biggest challenge came from dealing with the sheer number of people who had to get into the group photos. Given that both parties had fairly large families, mashing them all together into a single shot became quickly unlikely. On the plus side, they were all nice enough to stand very still so I could snap two shots and could stitch them together like so:

Once I arrived at the reception, I realized, what good is a wedding photographer if they don’t capture are the silly things your weird children do at the reception such as taking a nap in the middle of the floor?

And as always, who doesn’t want to remember those decorations you invested countless hours and stress and innumerable fights on, only to be thrown away fifteen minutes after the happy couple leaves the room to start their honeymoon? Here’s a few of those as well:

All in all, it was a fun day and I am super appreciative of K’lila for letting me tag along and shoot such a fun couple!

Until next time –Thanks for reading!


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