Concert/Photo Shoot: Escher Case

A few weeks back, I was chatting with a buddy of mine at work who told me he’s in a band and asked if I’d be willing to shoot some photos for them. Being that I was looking to build up my portfolio I agreed and asked if he had some of their music I could listen to to get a feel for what the band was going for. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but what I got was an incredibly talented group of guys who are super passionate about what they do and it shows through their music. In fact, I recommend you go and give them a listen on bandcamp.

Once I knew what I was working with I planned out a shoot for some band photos in which they wanted some set shots and some behind the scenes stuff of them goofing off in their basement. So I spent the day with them shooting those things and getting to know everyone. I ended up with the following shots for their photo shoot session:




In regards to the last shot, I’m kind bummed my focus was more on Braun, the lead singer and less on the dog. Not that I don’t like the band members, but having the dogs face be slightly out of focus, screws up the entire shot I was going for. It’s likely one I’ll be trying to redo in the future.

After closing the shoot out, we discussed doing some additional photos down the road as the drummer just had his wisdom teeth pulled, and one of the guitarists was in a cast so their ability to wander about in search of the perfect shot was limited. It came up however that they had a show at a local bar (Funk n’ Dive) on the 18th and if I could snap a few photos of that for them.

Given I’ve been desperately wanting to get into concert photography, I was willing to do any kind of live music shoot and I jumped at the chance. There were indeed some harsh lessons learned however. For one, quality lighting is everything, and in a run of the mill pub, that’s not a thing you get. What that meant for me is I had to be quite a bit more creative in how I edited the shots to make sure everyone didn’t look like either a smurf or a hot red-orange mess (since the lighting consisted of two stagnant gel lights, 1 red and 1 blue). Luckily, I’m brilliant (toot, toot), so I was able to make it work. Here’s what I wheeled from their show Saturday night:






Like I said earlier, the show was phenomenal and I can’t recommend this band enough. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, do me a huge favor and give them a listen at the link at the top, and give them a like on their FB page. It would help them out a lot! You can find that here.

As always, until next time –Thanks for reading!


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