A short walk through History

Yesterday I opted to take a few hours to myself and wander around town to snap some photos that I’d been meaning too. Primarily, one of a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass that had been abandoned off of Governor’s Drive:



What’s great about the Oldsmobile aside from just being an awesome car, was that it reminded me a lot of all the different cars we had when I was growing up. Most of them Oldsmobile’s of some kind or another. For whatever reason, my dad could always find one cheap and manage to get it to run for 250,000 miles with minimal expenses. They’re sturdy cars, and I bet with a little TLC, this one would be no different.

Aside from the sweet ride, there were a few abandoned buildings I have been wanting to explore and so I set out to do that as well. Unfortunately, Huntsville is much better about boarding up old buildings than Ogden was, so getting into them is going to require a more legal method: Calling the company who is selling the building and asking for a tour.

Of the things on the list, one is an old movie theater called 222, another is a miniature golf course, of which I did get one shot from over the fence:


and of course, an old VFW post. There still seems to be some memorabilia inside the building on that one, but the condition of the lawn and parking lot, as well as the windows and exterior of the building suggest it hasn’t been used in at least 3-5 years.

So tomorrow will be a busy day filled with phone calls and hopefully, I can get in and get some cool shots of stuff to post later.

Aside from the building side of abandonment, over near the movie theater there is the Huntsville Veterans’s Museum which has a long line of old tanks just sitting out in the grass behind it:


As I got out of the car to dig in and explore some, a kindly older fellow popped out of one of the tanks and greeted me. At first I was a little confused as the whole thing had a very “Fival: an American tail” feeling to it, but I correctly assumed he was a volunteer with the museum who is cannibalizing the line of tanks to make 1 good working one. I figured as much as Ogden had a group of like minded folks working on the steam engines outside the train station every Saturday. I will say that tanks are much cooler than trains. Here’s a few more shots from tank dump:



After I left there, I cruised around a little more but didn’t find much of interest. I’ll hopefully get to roll out and explore some other parts of town next weekend. That’s it for now. As always, Thanks for reading!


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