Rockhouding inside the mosquito vortex

Last weekend I took the kiddo out for a hike to get her out of the house as we were both starting to go crazy. For those unaware, my daughter is quite the little rock-hound and has begun amassing quite the little collection of rocks (and seashells) in her room. So anytime I offer to take her outdoors, the first question is always: “Can we look for rocks and shells?” to which the reply is always “Of course!”

Now that we live in Alabama, the shells portion is not likely going to be a thing when we’re out hiking, unlike Utah where you could find all sorts of things up on the mountain trails. Since most of Utah was underwater until somewhat recently (geologically speaking) seashells and neat rocks can be found most anywhere. I’m not entirely sure about the landscape of Alabama just yet, but prior to the hike I found out there are some cool rocks to be found along the rivers/streams here.

So we set out to the Hays Nature Preserve, which provided (or so I was hoping) two main things: First, some hiking trails so I could get some exercise (and burn off some of the energy on the kiddo); and second, a shady place with a bunch of rocks she can pick through.

Luckily, we got both. She managed to find some cool Blue Quartz and some Onyx. I managed to score some pretty sweet photos of the swamps and the “World Championship Tupelo trees”:

Aside from those, I snapped some more shots of the swamplands and a pretty neat bridge that connected the trailheads to the biking trails:


Swamp 3


Minus the hundred(s) of mosquito’s we had to fend off on the couple hours we were out there, even though we were both smothered in OFF! repellent, it was an excellent trip. I’m quite looking forward to hitting up some of the other trails in the area.

This one, as well as the next few posts, is going to be a short one as I’m going to be working on moving these into a more video-blog style format. However, since I’ve never done anything with video, there is a lot of research and learning I am working on currently. So be sure to follow me on FB and Twitter as that will be where the posts are going. I’ll work on getting them uploaded here as well once I figure out that mess too. As always — Thanks for reading!


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